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A++++ Customer Service!

Lanette S | Macon, GA

I had a loose stone from my grandmother I wanted to reset in a ring.

Very easy to send the stone in. Every one I talked to and emailed with through out the process was extremely knowledge and experienced! The best customer service I've ever received from an online company!

When I first opened the ring box an saw my new ring I started to cry. The ring was just so pretty and an seeing my stone finally in a ring was amazing! I wear my ring every day and smile every time I look at it. Every one who sees it ask "What kind of stone is that" and "Where did I get the ring."

Oh so pretty

Ali | Austin, Texas

I reset my engagement ring - The reset process was quick, easy and I absolutely love my new ring!

Stone reset mantilla setting

Sadie | Rosman, NC

I had a loose sapphire to reset - the process was very easy and customer service was great. I understand it is a new service and response was overwhelming so I had to be on a waiting list for a couple of weeks.

My new piece exceeds my expectations. I love it. Have had many compliments on it and have told people about Gemvara. This piece will be given to my Daughter-in-law eventually

Wonderful experience creating jewelry with Gemvara!

Jessica | Merrimac, MA

I had an old style ring that belonged to my grandmother. It just wasn't my style so I restlyed it and can now wear it in her honor.

The process was so easy and fun! The Gemvara team gave recommendations and were so helpful properly answering questions and offering assistance. My new piece arrived quickly and is perfect!

I love it! It is timeless and perfect for me. It is well made and I have told everyone how I had it made.

Stone Reset was fast and turned out beautiful.

TK | Alaska

I chose to reset my wedding ring. Easy process. Communication was excellent with Gemvara. They were able to tell me what would work best with my stone and make suggestions. Process was fast.

My new ring is beautiful!


CMaz | Tucson, AZ

I love it. The ring is beautiful. It is more than I expected in finishing quality and detail in the design.

The process was well organized and professional. Communication through out was excellent.

Diamond Reset

Myhtak | Windsor, CT

I chose to reset a diamond.

Customer service was exceptional.

The birthstone were a bit smaller than I expected. Over all I'm happy with my new setting.

Amazing Experience

Heather | Pittsburgh, PA

I chose to reset because I wanted a smaller setting.

It was absolutely seamless and quick. I would recommend to everyone!

I absolutely adore my new piece and it is exactly what I wanted!

Diamond reset

Tina | Pittsburgh, PA

I reset my grandmothers diamond.

I was very pleased with process & customer service.

I love love love my new piece. It makes the stone look beautiful

Little disappointed

Sheli | Peoria, AZ

I chose to reset a loose stone in a ring.

The process was smooth and customer service was excellent.

Not very impressed. Price is pretty high for what I bought. The preview photos is blown up making the size and detail very magnified. It ended up being underwhelming when it arrived. The ring is pretty however smaller and not as bold and chunky as the preview photos looked.

A new life for an unworn gem!

Mama Bird Cherie | Phoenix, AZ

I reset a diamond from an old engagement ring.

The process really was as easy as they say. It was 15 days from the time I sent in the ring, to the day I received my new necklace. The customer service agents walked me though every step and took my preferences to heart. I was never pressured to use a more expensive metal or more elaborate setting than I wanted. It was really nice to see some different options, even though I had pretty much decided what I wanted at the time that I sent my ring in. From talking to others who have complimented me on my new necklace, there is definitely interest in this type of service.

I am thrilled with my necklace! I've received many compliments on it, but more importantly I feel good wearing it. I was never going to wear the stone in the ring again, and had contemplated just selling it. It would have been a sizable upcharge to reset it using the jeweler that it was purchased from. I'm glad Gemvara was so easily able to transform it into a piece that I will wear consistently at a price that fit my budget. Now I feel like the stone is really mine.

Absolutely spectacular!

cfdi | Scarsdale, NY

I chose to reset a solitaire engagement ring.

It was a bit frustrating--the back and forth over e-mail and having only limited choices to pick from given the limitation of setting given the size of my diamond. It came out amazing in the end because Joseph was very patient with me and allowed me to be use my stone rather unconventionally--in a setting that was not one of the choices and not as the main stone. Also, after it was confirmed we could do it, securing the main diamond for the new ring was also frustrating--I would choose the diamond and it would sold to someone else overnight. This occurred more than once. So I had to keep looking for new choices. Once everything was chosen, however, the results were truly amazing!

My new piece is stunning. I absolutely love it. I also got the matching bands, framing the main piece very nicely. I will need to get all of them resized, unfortunately, but I am very pleased with the result. Thank you!

Easy reset

slydell | NYC

I chose to reset a peridot earring.

The process was easy and fast. I love my new piece.

diamond reset

Mike | Chicago, IL

I reset a diamond.

The process went very smoothly. It came out beautifully.

Couldn't have been more perfect!

Rachel | Geneva, NY

I reset a black diamond.

When I began I was sent photos of possible settings which was wonderful. This allowed me to truly know what the ring would look like. The only glitch was when my old ring was sent back I was told they would come together but it shipped prior to my new setting so I was unaware and received no tracking information.

I haven't taken it off since receiving it!

Grandmother's anniversary ring reset

suzeliross | NY, NY

The process was wonderful - so easy and quick. Ring came out gorgeous. It's stunning but still keeps the integrity of the original piece.

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