Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Why should I choose Sequel?

What if my stone is currently in a setting?

What happens to my old setting?

What if I want to reset multiple stones or earrings?

How secure is my stone during the process?

What if I want to reset the accent gemstones from my own jewelry into a new piece?

How much does it cost?

Does Sequel recut gemstones?

What if my gemstone doesn't fit in the setting I want?

Does Sequel reset every type of stone, including lab created or synthetic stones?

Could my stone break during resetting?

What if I don’t see my gemstone listed as an option to reset?

What if I don’t know what kind of gemstone or diamond I have?

What if I don’t know the shape of my gemstone?

What if the gemstone I want to reset is chipped or fracture-filled?

What happens once I have sent in my gemstone?

Is there a limit on the number of pieces I can reset at once?

How do I measure my stone?


How do I send in my jewelry?

How long it will take?

Is my jewelry insured against loss or damage?

How do I prepare my jewelry to ship to Sequel?

Can I send more than one piece in the same shipping kit?

What shipping methods does Sequel offer?

Do I need to clean my jewelry before I send it?


Does Sequel reset gemstones from customers outside of the United States?

How much is my stone worth?

Will you provide an appraisal?

What happens if I don’t like my new reset jewelry?

Is my new jewelry covered by a warranty?

I know what setting I want, will you design it for me?

Do I have to put a deposit down?

What if my jewelry is damaged during the process?

I’m unsure of this service, can I talk to someone about it?

Our shipping kit is free. There is no obligation to send us your stone or make a purchase.